Monday, June 20, 2011

Passion and Purity

Passion and Purity is a good read. It's about how you would submit your all to God and leave everything in His hands. That doesn't mean that we could not make a choice on our own. It's all about putting Him first in all that you do. Elisabeth had shared how she and her husband (Elliot) before they were together learn to put God first in their life and what He had urged them to do before their desires. I am amazed how God had actually made their path met and eventually fulfill the desires of their hearts. Also, they were faithful in walking and trusting God. Both of them were like any teenagers who had passion for love. They were different. Instead, of following what the world is doing for love they stood out differently and describe love in way that respect the opposite individual. The relationship they had with each other is so beautiful. When you placed God first, even in your relationship with a dear one, your relationship will blossom.

This book is not only for couples. It's for EVERYONE who is interested to know the perspectives that Elisabeth  had on relationship and how to put in under God's governance.

"Rainbows are made of sunlight and rain. The sunlight, which turned my world into a radiance of color, was the knowledge of Jim Elliot's love. The rain was the other fact he explained to me as we sat  on the grass by the Lagoon - that God was calling him to remain single. Perhaps for life, perhaps only until he had firsthand experience in the place where he has to work as a jungle missionary. Older missionaries had told him that single men were needed to do jobs married ones could never do. There were some areas where women could not go. Jim took their word for it and committed himself to bachelorhood for as long as God required.

If your goal is purity, be PREPARED to be thought very odd.