Thursday, August 30, 2012


What comes to mind when MERDEKA is around the corner? 

Another holiday? Another day to see the national parade? Another day where everywhere in KL would be jam-packed? People would be filling up the megamall to enjoy the not-so-cold-air-conditioned?

What more is this year, MERDEKA 31st Aug 2012 falls on a Friday! Which means a long weekend ahead!  Taking the opportunity to balik kampung/go on a vacation/etc? 

We are the second generation who had gained MERDEKA from our forefathers. I never knew how it felt before we gained INDEPENDENCE. I heard stories from my grandma during the WW2 - she had to hide for safety. Adding to that, she had asthma so she had to find Chinese tradition medicine. So, she swallowed pinky (small little baby mice) to keep her healthy. Her struggles during the days before we gained INDEPENDENCE.

But, have we lost the sense what MERDEKA is all about? 

Maybe MERDEKA brings a more important meaning to the ones that had been involved in it.

To tell you the truth, when I was younger, I hated HISTORY. I DISLIKED it. When I hear HISTORY, I closed my ears to it. 

This year, MERDEKA resonated something different in me. I have been pondering on the thought 'what is MERDEKA all about?'. I came to a point I want to re-look, re-read and re-discover for myself the HISTORY again. So, I googled MERDEKA. I read the words in this website. The names - Tok Janggut, Mat Kilau, Usman Awang (these were the only names I could remembered). Memories of names was all I had. 

Their oppositions first began in guerrilla warfare which were instigated by former members of the Malacca Sultanate (1511) and Johor Sultanate, Raja Haji (1782), Dol Said (1831), Datuk Maharaja Lela, Datuk Sagor (1875), Datuk Bahaman, Mat Kilau (1891), Tok Janggut (1914), Haji Abdul Rahman Limbong (1928), Datu Mat Salleh (1894), Sharif Mashahor (1860), Rentap (1853) and others.

Another form of resistance by the Malays in the pursuit of independence in the early 1900s were initiated by religious groups such as Syed Syeikh al-Hadi, Syeikh Tahir Jalaluddin, Hizbul Muslimin movement, Gunung Semanggol religious centre, followed by Syeikh Abdullah Fahim, a religious teacher in Kepala Batas in the 1930s as well as Malay teachers particularly from Sultan Idris Training College.

The struggle that follows took a new form through the pen and ink. Who comprises of Malay novelists, story writers, poets and reporters particularly from Utusan Melayu that gave much exposure regarding the fight for freedom from colonialists. Among its pioneers were Zainal Abidin Ahmad (Za’ba), A. Rahim Kajai, Ibrahim Yaakob, Ishak Haji Mohamad, Ahmad Boestamam, Usman Awang, Shahnon Ahmad and many more with some becoming fugitives from the British as well as thrown in jail. Indeed when we track over the roots of the fight for independence, it is apparent that it was path with sweat, blood and tears. (

I wondered what had happened to the soldiers who fought for the Independence - The tugu negara. Faceless armies and nameless heroes who had went forward to fight for this nation, I never get to hear their story how it was for them to be at the front line. But, they gave this nation a VICTORY! 

Do we cherished the VICTORY?

Today, the definition of being patriotic have taken another road. We no longer need to pick up heavy machinery and fight for this country. Now, we view patriotic as someone who will take a chance for this country and staying back rather than going abroad for better opportunities. Someone who have a vision that this country will change for the better, though there are still disappointments and heartaches. 

Reading Yee Bee Yin story really had stirred something in me. Click her for her story ( She hopes for a better country. She hopes for a better education. She hopes to see a united nation. 

I have the same hope as her. I hope for a country that is filled with people who is willing to speak out and stand up for what is true. I hope to see a society who sees embraces different cultures and yet live together harmoniously not just physically but mentally. 

Without vision, men perish.

But, what can I do for my country Malaysia? I am not like Yee Bee Yin who had taken the role as a politician for this country. I know I can be an advocator to speak out for the voiceless, to pray for this nation, to be a friend to another Malaysian regardless of our colours, to stop making racist jokes and etc. 

Actions and words whether big or small still creates an impact. 

May God help Malaysia. May God bless Malaysia. 

I am only here for a little while. But, I know for sure that God had placed me in this country for a reason. I pray I'll be a patriotic person from the inside out, understanding for myself what it means to be a Malaysian. 

Will you join me in having a vision for this country and doing what counts for this country?

Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breaking the society state of mind

One day, I was just sitting outside my parents' shop and just observing different ones that walked up and down the lane. My eyes caught sight of these two persons - aged lady on a wheelchair and man in his 40s pushing her. They looked like mother and son. They came up to the curb and had difficulties of getting over the curb. The auntie could stand and move her legs but it was painful. It seems like she got gout on her feet. She is also very big in size which didn't help her much.

Then, auntie decided to stand and try to get over the curb. The man could barely hold her to get over and trying to put the wheelchair as well to the other side. So, I decided to break the norm (Norm is Chinese would usually stand by and see from aside rather to get their hands dirty - this is what I observed so far). I went near them and asked whether they needed help.

They nodded graciously. I held the auntie's arm and got her over. She kept saying thank you. Then, after that the next challenge came that is to get into the clinic. There's a level of step to get into the clinic. The man and I tried to lift the wheelchair and her on it to get into the clinic, however we failed. We made the auntie fell out from her chair. I got hold of her arm. And a man standing by also decided to come and lend a hand. So, the auntie stood on her feet and with all her might took the step into the clinic. It was difficult for her but thankfully she made it successfully and safely into the clinic. I remember her face. She looked up to the man and I and said thank you. Her son was also grateful that we came and helped.

I guess sometimes breaking the norm of the society also helped changed people's mindset. Though they may not expressed it in words that they had changed the mindset about certain norm in the society, but at least I did my part to stand out to be different.

Changing the world is everyone's dream, but how many are willing to get your hands dirty?

Christ had first show us how much He love us. Would we not also reciprocate that kind of love He had?
He said in His words:

Matthew 25:35-36, 40

For I was hungry and you gave me somthing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.... 
Truly I tell you, whatever you did for me of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it for me. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Different points in life, but only ONE can meet us!

All of us begins at different points in life. We also have different experiences that makes who we are today. Amazing thing is only God can meet us where we are now. When we talk to our friends, sometimes it will come to no solutions to our little problem that we have in our mind. 

But, then I came across this phrase: The life of Jesus Christ is always our REFERANCE POINT. He is where we refer whenever we feel troubled and the whole world just don't seem to understand us. I dare you to read His WORD and try Him. He surely will answer. 

Through reading His words and His life, we could see very well from the perspectives how he live his life. Besides that, it also teaches us to shift our focus from our little problem to how we ought to live our life. 

Maybe we are asking the wrong questions and looking at it from our point of view. When we take ourselves out of our problems, and looking  at it from a different perspectives, it will gives us a refreshing insights. 

Reading and digesting takes time. But, many of us including me want INSTANT ANSWERs, like a microwave or fast food. But, we forgot all about the process that gets us there. The process of refining and sharpening our thinking.  

The life of Jesus Christ will always be our REFERANCE point for understanding what is right in life, for where we and the world have gone terrible wrong, and for where there is hope. Because there really is HOPE.
-taken from Jubilee: A Season Of Spiritual Renewal-

Monday, August 6, 2012

From the eyes of a parent

Once upon a time, there was a family that is wealthy. Then, one day the youngest son told the father, 'Split my half of inheritance and give it to me'. The father agreed and gave him his half of the inheritance. So, the son took the money and spend it as he wish. He was living a WILD life. At that time, he had lots of friends around him. But, as soon as he spent all that he had, his friends too disappeared along with him.

He was money-less and hungry. He went to search for a job and a countryman hired him. The countryman sent him out to his fields to feed the pigs. *Can you imagine a Jew in the midst of the pigs?* He was so hungry that he eat what the pigs were eating.

He came to his senses, 'Hey, my father's servant gets better treatment than I do and I am here starving to my death'. So, he decided to go home and ask for his father's forgiveness. He played the apologize that he wants to tell his father over and over in his head : Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son; make me like one of your hired men.

While he was nearing to the house of his father, he was still reciting what he wants to say to his father. His father saw him from afar (your parents will recognize you even if you don't look like yourself, how so? Through your gestures and the way you walk), he ran and threw his arms around him and kissed him (only your parents will do this when you are dirty).

The youngest son said, 'Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.' But, the father quickly called his servants to bring the BEST robe, put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the FATTENED calf and killed it! Let's have a FEAST and CELEBRATE!
Luke 15: 11-24

This story may ring a bell to many of us. I have a story of my own that is almost similar to the experience of the lost son.

When I was young and wild, I have my own principles that I hold onto. I never put the importance of my family as one of my principles. I went on to do things-I-feel-it-is-right. I dated a guy and hid it away from my parents. My parents eventually found out about the relationship. Many times, they talked to me and told me to break off that relationship.

Because of my rebellious attitudes, I never take to account to what it is said by them. Something had happened between the guy and me, we broke off. Instead of facing the music which I thought my parents would give, they received me back as their daughter who had strayed away. They were overjoyed and comforted me. I never thought my parents would celebrate that day with compassion, love and joy.

Just like the lost son, I also recited many times in my head what should I say to them. How should I ask for forgiveness. My parents forgave me long before and was waiting for that ONE SPECIAL DAY that I'll turn back to them.

That day came eventually.

My parents were happy and grateful that the LORD had brought me back into their arms.

Like the father of the lost son, he waited for that SPECIAL day. My parents waited!

All the waiting is worth it in the end of the day. I am grateful my parents waited patiently and prayerfully.

Nothing is more precious than a child that runs back to the arms of her parents. 
Our Father in Heaven also wait patiently for that 
One Special Day. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

The power of 10

Ever wondered what you can do with a saved RM 10?

When I had a meal with my friends, they paid for my lunch. *Thinking to self* at the moment, I saved RM10! Then, when I entered my car, I placed the RM 10 into my coin box, thinking to self again that I'll keep it someday when I am short of money. 

On Friday, I was walking by across the carpark to go for Christian Fellowship meeting. I noticed this Malay uncle with his kid and he looked as if he was looking for something. He spotted me and approached me. He then told me that he is short of money and need to fix his punctured motorcycle tire for an amount of RM 25. He only had RM 10 with him. So, he asked me to help him.

I put my hands in my pocket and realised I took the RM 10 from the coin box in the car. Then, without hesitation I just gave him the RM 10, and told him sorry I didn't have the extra RM5 to help him out. 

After that, he said thank you and even asked his son to shake my hand. We parted ways after that. 

Then, thoughts started to flow into my mind: What if he was lying? *But, he looked quite honest when he told  me his story* I thought to myself, hey my saved RM 10 helped another person today. I should be thankful! :)

Something stayed with me from that encounter: the uncle said 'haiizzz, mau raya sudah tapi tayar motor pancit....' - It's not easy to live in today's time. 

A lot of things we owned is what we bought with MONEY. There's something that don't need money is to show kindness in our own ways. 

An act of kindness lasts longer than material objects! :D