Friday, May 16, 2014

Student to a Teacher

Being a student for almost my whole life now, I looked back and realized how much each teacher has put efforts in investing young lives.

Some are more prominent, while some are more subtle. Some spend a great deal of time preparing to face a bunch of rascals in class who have tricks up their sleeves at all times. Some care so much and yet some care less. Some are strict that rascals fear the punishment that followed after. Some are gentle and loved. Some have the charisma to teach that the subject becomes the favourite. Some are passionate. Some share their passion, hope and dream with us. Some finds many ways and alternatives with an aim that we grow the interest in our studies, in books and in life. You teach us to grow a deep hunger for knowledge and practicality. You teach us to dream big and aim for the stars. You took up this offer of job with a virtuous passion of investing life of younger ones.

Our class is known as the most notorious good kids in school because we were the first class in the form (that was supposed to be the “EXAMPLE” for the younger ones). Our actions towards people do not measured up. But, we are still very serious with our studies. We pushed each other to do better for our examinations. We are the smart kids who thought we knew-it-all and teachers are just teaching from a textbook. We forgot they have even more to offer that sometimes we just brushed it off (We do still listened at times). There are some teachers that we love still. They are the ones who have the charisma or the passion to teach although we do not listen. They are the ones who believed us even other teachers have given up on us. There were rumors going about, we were one of the WORST class. We are proud of it.

This is us.

Being young, mischievous and naïve, my classmates and I from primary to high school gave most of my teachers a difficult time. We challenged our teachers, gave them headaches, talked back with no respect, talked behind their backs, questioned their authority and yet there are days we bring them joy.

We scared you. Some of us fought and you stood in between to settle the dispute. You could have ignored us and let us grow in however we wished. You could have walked away but you chose to stay.

I couldn’t count the amount of wrongs we have done that now I looked back I am not proud of it. Remembering the few that were done and words uttered foolishly, I wondered how you have felt when the words were thrown at your face in front of my peers. Two responses always happened. One, you scolded me right at my face and even asked me to walk out of class. Second, you chose the higher road of accepting the actions and words. You swallowed it done and composed yourself. Cikgu, it wasn’t easy for either one of the responses. You are still human, an emotional being. I knew if I was the teacher, I would have……..

But, every time you take on the spotlight of the class, there is only ONE HOPE that in the many of 40s students looking at you that can’t wait for the bell to ring (either for recess or after school), you hope to see each of us being successful in our future undertakings.  

Thank you for disciplining us. It ain’t an easy to subscribe to the job, knowing that you have children at home as well to teach. Thank you for believing in us when we don’t believe in you at all. Thank you for sharing your care, love and dreams for us. Thank you for your encouragements. Thank you for giving so much more than you should. Thank you for not asking more but only to acknowledge you when we see you at the pasar malam.

Personally, this is from me.

by Mrs. Surenderjit Kaur - Headmistress SMKS 24
Finally, at this age, I began to see how much you have invested. It was a process for me to grow this way. Thank you for bearing with me and nurturing me when our path crossed. It all begins with a small hope. And you are part of it! Today, I cherished the memory of you and thanked God for your labor of love in my life. May God bless you in all that you put your hands to do wherever you are!

Thank you, Cikgu! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Small yet a Ripple Of Change in many lives

On a cold freezing winter evening, someone left an eight-week old male kitten in the outside book drop at the Spencer Public Library. The poor little kitten was being shoved inside the box on the wall with all the other books. The staff found the badly frostbitten and filthy kitten and they thought he was grey. But, after a good wash under the filth, he was a beautiful orange kitten. The library director Vicki Myron decided to take care of this kitten who was then eight week old. The story of Dewey Readmore Books was birthed on November 18, 1987. 

The act of Vicki Myron who took care of the Dewey for a good 18 years is something to be applauded. It begins with a birthed of desire to take care of this kitten. Little Dewey grew as a cat and a public affection to people in Spencer and Iowa and Beyond. His story of being shoved in a the book drop box and how he was determined to live on after that. Vicki Myron had fought for this little kitty to live in the public library. He became the permanent resident of the Spencer Public Library. 

Dewey: The Small-Town Library
Cat Who Touched the World
The title of the book tells it all. How did it happen? He began by winning hearts of the people in Spencer. He began SMALL. 

After reading his story written by Vicki Myron, this is my thoughts.

(if can, you should read the story for yourself)

Dewey in comparable to a human being is small and may not have been able to accomplish "success" in the measure of human beings. In our measurement, he is just like any cat that laze around and demands our attention. Dewey is a different cat, although by just reading from a third party point of view. His story gives light on what matters most is the LOVE FOR OTHERS. Both Vicki and Dewey shared the most intimate relationship of loving one another. Through the toughest time in life for both, they stood by one another. They have shown a LOVE that is not self seeking or self serving. Through the lens of a cat who do have the intellect of a human can love humans to its best. Through the lens of Vicki, she sacrificially give and shared life with Dewey. That MINUTE ACT of LOVE stands out strong which made Dewey endearing to many who have met him or have not met him.
This cat changed the town Spencer in Iowa. Its story reached across the globe: all the way to Japan. What did it do? Love others and living to its purpose by being a cat. That is an inspiration. A small cat who can be lost in the sight of many made a change. 

Bringing it back to our human senses. What then does this all mean? Sometimes, being human, we feel that way, which is being engulfed in the sight of many and feeling small. We feel like nothing in the things we do. It is YOU and I can make a DIFFERENCE by being faithful in the little things. The little things are to love others and living out our purpose.

It may be small and unnoticed but believe me, like Dewey it creates a ripple of change in many lives. Friends, begin small today by loving others and dream big in our PURPOSE in life.