Saturday, July 30, 2011

Circumstances did not stop him

Have you heard of Ludwig van Beethoven? He was gifted in playing the piano at a very young age. When his alcoholic dad knew of this gift, he knew that Beethoven can be his money source. Thus, he is force to be a SLAVE to his piano. He did not enjoy a memorable childhood like many of us do. His mom was also bound to work. The greatest encouragement his mom gave Beethoven: “Be strong, my son. Be strong. Some day you will be great.”

Then, at young age Beethoven compositions were not received well by the high-class society, even though he had received a lot of praises and applauses. 

Besides, Beethoven also suffered from losing his hearing. Beethoven first began to lose his hearing at his twenties. At 40, he was totally deaf. He declared “I will grapple with faith, it shall never drag me down.” When he no longer could play for the public, he focused his total energy in composing music. 

Illness-near constant gout and growing rheumatism too have taken a toll on his health. He continued to say “Courage…my spirit shall rule."

In all, he had composed 9 symphonies, 32 piano sonates, 5piano concertos, 10 sonates for the piano and violin, a series of string quartets, vocal music, theater music, and much more. All his compositions had greatly influenced later composers such as Brahms, Wagner, Schubert and Tchaikovasky.

Near death, he knew that the world had not understand him or his music, but with a happy smile on his face, he whispered, “I shall hear in Heaven.”

How great is this man. He indeed did leave a legacy behind. I am amazed that though there were many hurdles that were laid in front him still he strived on and continued to express his God-given talent. He had learned to be happy and grateful in whatever situation he was in. Such a great lesson we can learn here.

Be thankful and content in whatever state we are in.

World changers refuse to allow OUTER CIRCUMSTANCES to stop the expression of their God-given talents.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Called and Obedience

All of us may be called but how many of us obey? The latter is the harder step.

This may also be another reason why many are not happy with what they are currently doing in life. Some may say the other person has a better life than me because he/she is living with higher expanses in a bigger house and eating nicer food. 

I say when you honor God, He will honor you. When He call you, are you going to obey? Because He will satisfy your soul and every need.

I remembered that my dad told me how he was prompted to open an aquarium shop after his pencen year. He shared that God had prompted him to do so. The journey to open the shop at the beginning was not easy. His fish died, my siblings and I were still young and he had no help from anyone. But, God was faithful. God had brought kind souls into my parents’ life to teach them how to run the business though at hard times. They learned through their mistakes and successes. It was also through this shop, my siblings and I had learned the hardships of my parents. Their hardships had provided comfort, shelter, food and love for each of us. 

The other story was about my mum. My mum has a learner heart. She is willing to learn anything that was given to her. That was her strength. So, God has used that skill of hers and taught her to give BM tuition although she is Singaporean who does not speak the language (She was learning the language at the same time), sell tupperwares, drive a car, raised three kids and many more. Her willingness to learn had allowed our faithful God to continue to entrust her with many things. 

Indeed, my parents' need had been fulfilled. God continue to shower manifold blessings onto their life. Yes, they worked hard for it. When God entrusted you with something, God also hopes that you work hard in it. One thing is that my parents’ obedience towards God’s calling truly had inspired me.  

When we are willing to be use by God, He will use us to show His love and faithfulness in our lives.


As two air-conditioned men came and fixed my brother’s shop air-conditioner, I thought to myself how diverse and how different everyone jobs were. They skillfully fixed the air-conditioner in a jiffy. Then, as I looked around and fixed my eyes on the mamak store. There were so many skillful people and all from different walk of life sitting down and sipping hot drink or having a cold drink. Then, I wondered if ever there was no one that had decided to take this path to open a mamak store. Then, there will be no mamak at all. 

Then, if ever everyone were to decide to be a doctor, then there would not be public servants who willingly throw and clean the rubbish we throw (we should be grateful for them). It’s like a body. If all our body were eyes, then we would not function well or even look like human.

Every job a person does give equilibrium in the society; from cleaning the sewage to public transportation and also to white collar working society. Every job has its own importance.

I wondered how they knew that the job was something they would want to do. There must be a master plan behind all this. How in the end we are interlinked with each other and helping each other subconsciously. I know it is God who is the master plan. He had planned it all along. He is far more a genius than we are. His ways are higher than our ways. 

We are all skilled differently. We all have different strengths and also different weaknesses. The skills that we possessed are all God-given. This is the reason that all of us may be called to different walks in life.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Meaningful busy journey

As I print my dissertation, I felt a great sense of relieve that it is all over. I have finished one year worth of coursework on Conservation Biology. It is very worth it. The things that I had learnt and the people I had journeyed with throughout this one year.

As I combined my three years of zoology and one year of conservation biology, I have learned so much from the biology area both the lab and also the fieldwork. The experiences that I gained from both are priceless. I thanked God that He had given me the opportunity to learn what I have all along be passionate about (tell you truth, I didn’t do very well for biology during my schooling years). However, by His grace, He has given me this opportunity to discover beauty and wondrous of His creations.

I thanked my family for their support in my decision and walk in life. They always provide the best for me. I thanked God that He has placed me in this family that He had weaved together. All of us in the family may be different in perspectives, attitudes, and even our personal strengths and weaknesses, but all of us know very well Who had created and love us at first sight and thought. We love our beloved CREATOR. Even for my family itself, we had gone through different journeys of discovering what He wants us to do. I thanked God for the journeys that He had brought all of through. He is ever faithful in our life.

As I finished and accomplished my university years, I thanked God for the great journey; how He is willing to be my fisherman. There were ups and downs during my university years too. Through it all, I have grown to be a matured and responsible person in every work I am entrusted to. Truth to be told, I wasn’t a good worker all the time. There are times where I just don’t feel like doing it at all. Thank God for encouraging friends which were always watchful and helpful especially in times like that (You may never expect them to realize it but God gave them good six sense to know or maybe I was expressive with my actions haha..) 

This part of life was indeed a busy and meaningful one. Busy : my eyes bags and dark circles can tell you how have it been. Meaningful: the experiences, the journey, the talks, the time shared together, laughter and jokes. I am truly thankful for all that God had given. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are we listening today?

One day, I was talking to an aunty; asking how was she lately? She said well I’m fine. Day in and day out, I wake up and then eat, work a bit then sleep. Nothing great happened in my life. Then it dawn to me wow!! I wouldn’t want to live a life like that. I wouldn’t want my life to be so stagnant.
When I heard a conversation between an elderly aunty who is in her 60s with a 24 year old lady (not me :P), she was saying how the young lady has to choose a right man to tie the knot soon. Then, she will have kids, then grandsons, then the next generation. The cycle goes on. 

Then, I thought to myself, it’s that all in life to hope for? The growing up process which is in baby years, then schooling years, then varsity years, working years then marriage, then kids and before you know it, it would be your golden years. It’s that it? 

I love what my mum told me in person: as God leads, you obey (paraphrasing). A pastor also said this: Parents, the life of your children is not for you to determine but it is God who determine. God must always be the priority of their life.

So, I know a lot must ask how do we know it is Him who tell us what to do. J I am currently reading a book ‘DECISIONS, DECISIONS..’ by Lawrence and Diana Osborn. They also addressed the same question: How do we know is GOD? Well, easy. Just like how we recognize our mum and dad’s voice from afar. Without even looking at them, we know very well it is them who are calling us. This recognition had come with a lot of years of training. Thus, are we close enough with God to recognize what He is telling us? It can come from many sources. God is LIMITLESS when He speaks. He can tell us from the materials we are reading, the exposure, the people who are close to us, and most of all the BIBLE. Are we sensitive enough to listen and obey? 

With today everything around us are buzzing to keep us to our feet. There is barely enough time for us to sit and listen. God is our friend who is always willing to sit and listen. But, how many of us are HIS good friend who listen to what He has to say. Are we willing to obey to what He has told us? 

Be His friend today.