Monday, January 21, 2013

Greatest Simple Truth of All.


It is formation of two words. 'Sove' and 'Reign'. What's the meaning of both this words? 'Reign', means to be in charge, where as, 'Sove' means over all. If I were to put sovereign in simple terms, it means to be in charge over all. Therefore, when we know this simple truth, we need to realize that God who is merciful is sovereign over our life, and the universe. This is the greatest truth of who God is.

Romans 8:28
Nothing is outside His control, and He controls everything to work out ultimately for our good. 

When He say He is in control, He is. Everything, from challenging experiences to good experiences to bad experiences, He work it out for good. Even though when we are caught in difficult situation, we may not see the goodness. However, when we look back at our experiences, our hearts are filled with gratitude, because knowing well that He is God who is in charge over all.  

Psalm 139:2-4
You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD.

When I read this verses, I thought to myself, how amazing that God has eyes focusing on me at all times. Not just eyes, but His whole being is set on me. (the tune playing in my mind, I got my eyes set on you!). I used to think I could hide from Him, who am I kidding? I'm only in denial with myself. He got his eyes set on me! :D

1 Chronicles 29:11
Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power 
and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, 
for everything in heaven and earth is yours. 
Yours, O Lord, is the kingdom; you are exalted as head over all. 

Amazing truth! How awesome and majestic Our GOD is. EVERYTHING on EARTH and in HEAVEN is His. We are His. The creations are His. The beautiful sunset are His. The stars up above in the universe are His. The universe is His. The undiscoverable universe is also His. All in all, are His. Thus, He is to be glorify! 

How long will God reign and be the highest ruler? In Exodus 15:18 The LORD shall reign forever and ever. 

This simple truth allow us to live joyfully at all times, especially at the most trying times in our lives. Because deep down in our hearts, we know very well, He has got everything under His control. He got his eyes set on YOU! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

a BETTER of anything.

Often times, when it is the new year, someone's birthday, a person who had just changed job, when you are in a mess, there is one thing we always hope for.

A BETTER __________________________________. 

We desired for a better life, better nation, better working environment, sometimes better friends, better family, better boyfriend/girlfriend, or dare I even say it? A better spouse.

'Better' here is described as a verb. To improve - amend - mend - reform.

To be a better, there's a price to pay. It's not merely just uttering it out with words. The words need to be put into actions. To be a better athlete, there's a need to train. To be a person who watches the language, there's a need to be conscious and to train to hold your tongue when you are about to curse. To be a better boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, there's a need to learn to be sensitive to the feelings of your closed ones. There's a need to learn to be sensible.
When I was in my University years, I wanted to be a person who have a stronger stamina - a better person at playing sports. I first realized I have a need to do so, when I was playing futsal with my churchmates, only to realize I couldn't keep up with the other players. So, I trained. I woke up earlier, before class, to run few rounds in the court. After class, I ran again in the stadium. Honestly, the first few attempts, I just want to give up and move on with life that I am no good at sports anymore. But, that desire to be better, pushed me to continue my routine. After few weeks, it was not so hard anymore. After a couple of weeks more, I eventually could keep up with the other players when we played futsal. It was a great achievement.

Let's switch our mind to our nation now. We want a BETTER nation. A BETTER MALAYSIA, where peace and harmony roams. But, most of us are being bench warmers. We wait to see a BETTER nation. Friends  it doesn't work that way. If it does, our nation should have already be BETTER. It takes courageous men and women, who would stand and speak for the voiceless. It takes men and women, who are willing to lay aside their pride, ego and self goals. It takes you and me, who are willing to step up and say this is our nation, we are placed here for such a time like this. Wake up, Malaysia need you! (although how cliché it may seems).

My friends stood up for a young girl who were tormented by a group of teenage boys. They were surrounding the poor girl. My friends were in the car, and it was difficult to go down to stop the boys, as there was 15 of them. So, they start making a commotion by pressing the horn of the car. Eventually, the teenage boys left. They walked away laughing and feeling proud (their actions speaks). But, that day, my friends stood up for the girl, though they were strangers. That day, my friends chose to be the helping hand towards a stranger.

If you called yourself a Malaysian, better wake up and live like a malaysian. A true Malaysian is one that do not see colors, hospitable heart and willing to lend a helping hand anywhere. That's a Malaysian. 

Every blocks represents you and I.
Though we are diverse in cultures and languages, we must embrace the diversity to find unity among ourselves.
You and I are different.
It's in this diversity, we find unity!

Friday, January 11, 2013

The idealism list of the PERFECT opposite gender

When I was young and naive, I always have this list about my future partner. He must be tall, dark and handsome :) Of course, the list went on: cooking, love kids, love outdoors, love this and that. Love me. How silly~

I've heard many sharing based on relationships: Some said we should have a list to at least know what we want in a person. Some said we should NOT have a list and accept what God will give. I would conclude that it’s important to have a list ‘what you desire to see in a person’ and not to expect the person to do things you don’t do, so that you are “compatible” with each other.

Firstly, the list should not be on the outward of the person only (physical and mentally).

We have a perfect idealism of how this future partner should be. We want this person to do things we cannot do. We want the person to be “compatible” to us. Yet, we forget to most important thing in the relationship. It’s not about ME. It’s not about getting the most COMPATIBLE man / woman on this face of the Earth, and then we will be perfect. The list being made is selfish. Because you only fulfill what YOU want. You are not programming another person to be how you want it to be. The list you have made, make a point to achieve it yourself. If it is a skill you need to learn, learn it. If it is something you enjoy doing, find joy in doing it. When you find joy in the things that you have listed, you find yourself being more joyful and less critical. 

The qualities in the person is far more important than all that could be seen outwardly. What is important throughout time? The values and principles. These shapes the person and their lifestyle. What they holds most dearly in their heart, they will strive and lived it out. From a Christian standpoint, a man or woman that lived under the Lordship of Christ is far more attractive. 

Secondly, have a paradigm shift. 

Don't get into a relationship because you are desperate. Speaking from experience, when you are in a relationship because you are desperate, then things will not turn out well. There will only be superficial joy and an un-lasting relationship. Never ever be in a relationship because you are not happy. I can assure you that you won’t be happy in relationship also.

Thirdly, love is not possessive.

Have you ever watch the movie entitled ‘Bruce Almighty’? Bruce reached a point in his relationship with Grace, that all he wants is to find happiness based on materialism. He did what he wishes and neglected the feelings of his girlfriend (Grace). But, with all the power given to him, there was one thing he couldn’t tampered with, that is free will. It’s Grace’s free will to love him. He can’t make her love him. So, he did all he had too externally, so that Grace would fall in love with him. But, she couldn’t anymore. Her prayer to ‘God’ changed Bruce entirely: To give him the peace of finding who he really is within. Bruce changed that night. He prayed that Grace would find joy again. If she would be happier with another person, then let it be so. All he desire is that she would regain joy and peace again.

Constantly be reminded first that this relationship is a GIFT from God. Secondly, remember every gift that is given has its limitation. God has given you to each other in a particular way for a particular time. He is still Master of each of you, and it is first of all to Him you answer. Trust the God who gave him to you, believe Him to keep you both. You come to understanding that he/she is not you to own.

Fourthly, prayer is good for the soul.

Ask the Lord honest questions.
-       God, what is your will for my life?
-       Am I ready to be in a relationship?

To be in a relationship is a gift from God. This gift that had been granted is to glorify God’s name. Your lifestyle as a couple should be a testimony of His goodness. J

Note: Let Me Be A Woman. Elisabeth Elliot. 1976.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Word become FLESH

The starting of the book of John, he entitled his paragraph with that specific title. I never quite understand it entirely, when I was younger.

John 1:14 
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. 

The incarnation of the Word becoming flesh always is directed back to Jesus Christ. Which this is true. This is another perspective I have come across lately.

How then this applies to my life?

Words are powerful. Words can be used to encourage another or even pull the other person self-esteem. Throughout ages, people had been using words to express their feelings and philosophical ideas. Till today, some of the written ideas are still being read by many. Today, people still used words to communicate their thoughts in many different forms; digital, paper, electronic. It is so important that we are sent to school to learn how to familiarize ourselves to letters ABC. :)

We don't remain at baby stage just learning ABC. We grow to understand what lies behind the words. We take in words that formed sentences that brings truth in it. What does this truth means to us? 

Being raised in a Christian family, my parents taught me the importance of reading the Word (But, I never learned to see the importance till now) The Word you and I read hear from the Bible, is words that is beyond than head knowledge. The Word of God is filled with wonders of truths. This truth given to us first be translated to head knowledge. It has to transformed you from within as well. The Word we read need be to meditate upon and to allow it to transformed into flesh as our being. The Word then it's translated to our Christian faith. 

Let's look at a different example: Cooking from a recipe book. All that is written down as recipe will only remain as words, if we are not daring enough to put our hands in it to try it out. Although how awesome can a dish look on a  picture, we will never be able to taste it because it's just a captured shot of how another person had cooked it. Elisabeth Elliot wrote also in a different perspective, in perspective of relationship as a couple: We are human beings, made of flesh and blood as well as of brains and emotions. The Word had to be made flesh before we could truly understand what God was like. A man prefaces his proposal of marriage with a declaration of love - "In the beginning was the Word." Same goes to knowing and accepting the Word of God. 

If one call itself a Christian, then the Word of God is the truth in their life, translated in action in living the faith. If the truth is not lived out in life, then it is merely just head knowledge. The Word has not been made flesh in our life. Then, my question is how then you call yourself a Christian? 

Elisabeth Elliot, Let Me Be A Woman. 1976.